Just in Time Production

Jagoda Szmytka, Laura Linnenbaum (HfMDK)

Installation, Performance, Konzert, ca. 5 Stunden, 2010

Fr. 17.45 – 22.30

Performer: Elisabeth Jakob, David Müller, Luise Audersch, Julia Struwe, Verena Specht-Ronique, Florian Mania
Synthesizer: Malgorzata Walentynowicz
Bühnenbild: Sabine Born, David Gonter
Klangregie: Gerald Golka

JUST IN TIME :: production :: is a search for cells of energy :: production is an examination of inner life of cells in real time dimension :: production is a development inside an ensemble of separated cells where every single cell has its own inner life and just in time belongs to one body :: consequences of living production just in time are decay, deformation, reproduction, extension, growth, body contour changes, architecture connection changes, bone’s replacement, and :: TO BELONG ::