Me, You and Everyone We Know

Flaka Haliti (Städelschule)

Video-Animation, 2010

„More or less everything started when the Kosovo male dominated art scene told her: ,We don’t have successful internationally known female artist, as fact that they don’t have balls to become an artist’. In response to this, her first illegal intervention took place in the exhibition opening at the Kosovo National Gallery 2007, when she gave quantity of livestock balls as present to the art scene.

Ironic, but yes; the first illegal intervention into a White Cube, in the history of art of Kosovo was made by a female artist- named ‘my Balls’. From now here ‘her career makes her work and her work makes her career’. With this position comes the second step; the ‘mind map’ reflection - diagram work Me, You and Everyone We Know.

A Video animation made by two diagrams which attempt to mirror the contrast between ‘male and female artist’ position in the art history and the power system.“